Food. It’s everywhere — from good to bad, from exotic to mundane. How is it prepared?  What makes one dish nutritious and another just an empty filler? Which spices are intrinsic to the cuisines of various countries? As someone who’s interested in food, cooking, and culture, that’s what I love to talk about.

This website is a resource for curious and knowledgeable nibblers alike. If you’re looking for recipes, kitchen techniques, the history of a certain food or what the heck an [insert name of exotic ingredient] is, here’s the place! As long as the topic is related to food in some way, it’s fair game.

Hence, the Cultured Cook mission statement: if the answer isn’t already in my figurative pantry, I’ll go hunting for it. Feel free to post questions and comments any time. The more you share, the more “ingredients” we’ll all have on hand, ready to use whenever we need them.  And remember: my e-kitchen is always open.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you’ll return to sample more bytes as the kitchen expands its menu. Feel free to contact me any time at

Guten Appetit and buen provecho!

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