Tomato Stuffed with Ricotta, Olives & Fresh Herbs

Tomato Stuffed with Ricotta, Olives & Fresh Herbs

Tomato season is in full swing! Time to enjoy those garden-ripe beauties. And fresh herbs, too — I liberated some thyme and rosemary from my garden along with the tomatoes. Feel free to use whatever herbs you have on hand: chives, oregano, marjoram, even mint. In-season tomatoes are so sweet and fresh that they’ll pair well with any herb. To add a contrasting burst of savoriness, I added chopped olives to the creamy ricotta.

Admittedly, a stuffed tomato is a little tricky to eat (make sure all your guests have sharp knives to slice their tomatoes!), but the presentation is too pretty to pass up. If you’d like to make appetizers, you could core and stuff cherry or grape tomatoes to create pop-in-your-mouth treats. Or you could arrange sliced tomatoes on a plate and dollop them with the herbed ricotta. You’ll have a gorgeous summer dish no matter which way you serve your garden-fresh tomatoes.

Tomato Stuffed with Ricotta, Olives & Fresh Herbs

First of all, find the freshest ricotta you can. My favorite is Serra ricotta, which is Michigan-made and only lists milk, whey, salt, and vinegar as its ingredients. Place a generous scoop of ricotta in a small bowl and stir in chopped pitted green olives, chopped fresh herbs (I used thyme and rosemary), and a generous sprinkling of freshly ground pepper.

Cut out the stem of the tomato, then keep cutting around and slightly into the top of the tomato to create an area you can stuff. Top with the ricotta, using a small spoon to mound the ricotta up and over the tomato. Serve immediately.


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